We Want a Kenny Lofton Comeback!

Despite having absolutely no right on any level to do this, I’ll speak on behalf of the city of Cleveland when I say “We want a Kenny Lofton comeback!” All the signs are there and everyone knows it, from fans and management to Kenny Lofton himself. The beloved center fielder from the Tribe’s glory days in the 1990s is currently in camp with the Tribe as a special instructor. On Monday, February 27th MLB.com’s Jordan Bastian described the scene when Lofton joined in on running drills with the players-

    “About the only missing (thing) from the scene was Lofton sprinting by everyone else while wearing pajamas.”

A Major League reference earns Jordan Bastian non-redeemable bonus points in my metaphorical book. I emphasize “metaphorical” because I do literally have a book titled Off Balanced out there for the Kindle and Nook. Back to Lofton though. When manager Manny Acta was asked if the Cleveland Indians Hall of Famer was trying to make a comeback, Acta joshed (yeah, I said joshed) “Don’t put anything past the guy.”

Moving forward, on Wednesday I tweeted (@zacharyfenell) something about Kenny Lofton looking like he hasn’t aged at all since 1995. Christopher Glenn (@MLBGeek) replied

  “@zacharyfenell @Kenny_Lofton7 – Kenny could pick up a bat & lead off for the #Tribe today. He looks terrific.”

What did the verified @Kenny_Lofton7 do? Retweet Christopher’s tweet.

With Thursday’s announcement that center fielder Grady Sizemore will miss eight to 12 weeks with his current injuries, the sarcastic idea of Kenny Lofton returning to man the outfield continues to become more and more appealing. Honestly I’m not even sure I’m joking anymore when I say I want a Kenny Lofton comeback.

Still need some convincing on your end? Here’s a final thought. The last time the Cleveland Indians were in the playoffs was 2007 and guess who gave a veteran presence to that team…

Kenny Lofton circa 2007

Kenny Lofton would look good in the outfield next to Shin-Soo Choo and Michael Brantley Photo: Wikimedia Commons user MDG26




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